Where It All Began…

2015 was a special year for our CEO, Harry. It started out like many others – slogging away on the familiar telephonic device that was to become our foundation. Driving for success and climbing quickly through the ranks to become an accomplished multi-client account manager (with what is now our sister business – The Lead Lab) Harry had what some would refer to as his ‘lightbulb moment.’ His ‘Einstein episode’. A vision that became much more than just an ambitious imagining. What Harry had seen, was a gap where there ought to be none. A space to truly shine. The gap, which would be filled by what was to become the mighty Home Lead Gen, was in the market for an outsourced Lead Generation service in the B2C space. The Kicker? Rolling contracts with a fixed day rate. With the help and support of Toby Blatchford-Tagg (MD of The Lead Lab) and a small team including a tech expert and two telemarketers (including himself),Harry embarked on the journey that we shall delve briefly into today.


From humble beginnings with one client (EverGen), a space in the corner of The Lead Lab office and minimal capital, the journey to greatness began. Long days turned into endless evenings and nights that lasted forever, but the more calls were made, the more the clients came. By early 2016, Home Lead Gen employed 18 people and the number of clients kept increasing as word spread of our successes and the approach we took, that was truly becoming part of our very fabric. In the latter part of 2016, and securing more clients than we ever imagined, further rapid growth was inevitable. Currently, one year on, we have 7 full-time clients, doubling in size in the last 6 months alone and expecting to double in size (again) in the next 18 months.


What has been the key to our success? Well, it can be attributed to a number of things. Firstly, we keep our overheads very, very low – an inventive office layout and incredible location have played a big part in this. This allows us to offer our clients the sustainable, fixed day-rate service we spoke about in the opening paragraph. A competitive rate teamed with an attractive contract offering also play a big part in our success – businesses like the flexibility that comes with short (or long) term outsourcing, especially when the telemarketers have a proven track record. Companies also like not having to commit to such things as employment contracts, probationary periods, content creation and training, infrastructure and all of the other commitments that come with having a full time, contracted member of staff. Another huge element of our success, comes from an ethos that oozes from within the soul of Home Lead Gen . The ethos of putting the client’s goal before our own. The reason we think like this? It’s simple! If our clients are happy, our goal is achieved as a byproduct.


So, from inception to evolution, from big idea to big returns for our clients, Home Lead Gen are industry leading revolutionaries of telephony with longevity at the forefront of a tenacious selling style that radiates from the top down.


Here’s to the future of HLG.

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