Turning 21 days into 365

For businesses across the UK these are particularly challenging times. With the COVID pandemic leading to last-minute lockdowns, teams working from home and entire industries under threat, planning the future of your business, even just the next 6 months, has never been more difficult.

We’ve spoken in previous blogs about how, fortunately, the COVID pandemic has not been damaging to our business, it’s actually the opposite, as we experienced our busiest six-month period ever in 2020. However, we also spoke about the careful strategies which we quickly put in place to adapt to these uncertain times and an ever-changing business environment.

One aspect of our business model that has contributed to our success this year, is our short-term, commitment-free contracts. All our clients are offered a 21-day contract, with absolutely no pressure to extend when that period ends.

Fortunately, the trends we have witnessed throughout 2020 have seen our clients extend their working commitment with us beyond the initial 21-days, with the majority continuing their contracts for an additional six months on average. The Conveyancing Index website is a perfect example of this. We started working with them just over a year ago, and they too started on a 21-day contract. Our services worked so well for them that a year later, we are still working together, having become an integrated member of their team.

We hope this to be the case for every client, which is why we are so confident in our short contracts. Not only do they relieve the pressures on businesses (which has never been needed more than now), but we believe they lead to long and successful relationships, as immediately the client can see what we’re offering and decide in a zero pressure environment if it’s right for them – and going by our results, this seems to be the case.

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