The journey of a sales lead

I often have conversations with people regarding B2C Lead Generation, who require “good strong leads” that “doesn’t waste our time” – yet they expect the conversion of contact-to-lead to be generated instantly.


The old fashioned ‘window selling’ approach from 15-20 years ago is no longer the most effective method to produce results in B2C Telemarketing or satisfy the expectation to consistently convert one call into a “good strong lead” that “doesn’t waste time”. People are far more suspicious of calls to their landline due to the high volumes they receive; it’s all about being different and instilling faith in your business/brand before trying to sell a product/service, or create an appointment.


Many clients have products/services with costs starting at £1,000 and rising up to £15,000 – and to expect a name on a spreadsheet, produced for roughly 10p, to jump out and welcome your call and purchase a product/service of this nature is unrealistic. You may get the occasional person who is in the market, which is great – you can close the lead straight away, but generally this is not the case.


The journey from sourcing data to generating face-to-face appointments needs time and effort dedicated to it, otherwise the most important statistic of conversion from lead to sale will be unsustainable. This expedition generates a strong pipeline of future sales opportunists, and less wasted time.


Our concept revolves around our fresh approach to telemarketing – we believe that qualified, strong leads cannot always be generated during one phone call. Our approach involves multiple calls to each potential customer whilst also preparing an email account for our telemarketer, allowing them to send content to the potential customer with links to the website, consequently building trust. During the second/third call, our telemarketer can spend more time building rapport and securing a lead that is more likely to be converted. The idea behind our concept is to build long term relationships with our clients and work as an extension to their own business, eliminating the need for their own in-house lead generation setup and all the pains it can bring, such as sickness, training and recruitment.


As a small business, we value long term relationships and take care in contributing to your business’ success, as this reflects our own. We pride ourselves in maintaining open relationships with our clients, this is achieved with regular communication from us and feedback on progress from yourselves. We originate from the Lead Lab, our B2B sister brand, who have worked with clients such as O2 Business and Douwe Egberts, and our education comes from that culture of understanding that productive results are not always achieved overnight, and it takes time to engage with people, whether they are an MD of a £5m turnover business or a homeowner.


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