Riding the COVID Rollercoaster

We’ve all seen the headlines and the plague of bad news that appears to have never stopped since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. It’s true that no one could have ever predicted what came with 2020 and how all of our lives, in one way or another, have been totally transformed.

However, despite the constant negativity that seems to dominate the media we are happy to share from our perspective, that this COVID rollercoaster has not been totally bad news.

Since March, when lockdown began, we’ve seen our busiest four months compared to the two previous years. We have seen unprecedented growth in certain sectors and through adapting our strategy we have been able to continue this growth into the final quarter of the year.

A large part of our growth has been to our early detection from the shift in our client’s audiences in regards to financial return on investment. Prior to COVID, many of our campaigns would have a five or ten-year plan with return on investment, however, COVID has resulted in a change of outlook from our clients – the focus has shifted to desiring instant gratification. This has meant we have seen the appetite for lead generation in sectors such as finance and insurance rocket as anything to do with mis-selling protection have become hot topics.

A surge in interest in lead generation hasn’t just been good news for us either. Our unplanned growth has meant we have been able to recruit during what has been a difficult time for many, helping give jobs to a number of people who have found themselves in hard times due to the pandemic. It has also meant we require a bigger office and so have now relocated to a larger, city-centre location in the heart of Exeter.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life can never be predicted. But, what it has also taught us is that as a business, by identifying changing trends and attitudes in our audiences – then using our strengths to adapt to meet these as quickly as possible – we’re giving ourselves the best chance of success – something we know most businesses will have probably had to try to do in these continuing challenging times.

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