Record high over the past six months means there’s business to be had, even in a pandemic

Across the last six months, much has changed for all of us. Like many businesses, we’ve seen a huge shift in what a “normal” day in the office looks like. Working from home has gone from a rarity to normality, sitting directly next to one another has become a distant memory and going out without your mask is as useful as walking outside without shoes.

Whilst COVID has brought a long list of changes to our “normal” work life, for us at Home LeadGen it has also seen us experience our busiest six month period since our business began. Our campaigns in financial misselling and life insurance have seen unprecedented success. For financial misselling, we’re seeing clients spend less than £4000 and generate over £80,000 worth of leads proving a wholly worthwhile investment.

Part of this success is definitely attributed to the change in environment and people’s change in behaviour. With a huge percentage of the UK population now working from home or on furlough, consumers have much more free time and flexibility to answer their phone. Whilst consumer behaviour changes have been a contributing factor, a great deal of our success is down to our early insight diagnosis, noticing the change in behaviour of consumers and establishing what this means for consumers current demands and adjusting our strategy appropriately.

Whilst prior to COVID consumers concerns would have focused around future return on investment and products or services that would benefit them across a long time period like retirement funds, COVID has completely changed this. The financial insecurity and uncertainty that COVID has created have resulted in consumers demands altering so that they want rewards instantly and from products and services that are relevant right now.

Financial misselling ticks the instant ‘reward box’. Our clients are able to offer our consumers significant rewards ranging from £1000-£50,000 and so we are finding our consumers who we contact 10 times more receptive than they were prior COVID.

Life insurance ticks a similar box. Consumers are concerned about their assets and potential future financial implications from this current climate. They want important aspects like their homes protected and so are looking to cut costs wherever possible to assure this.

When this pandemic began it was daunting and alarming as a business, unsure of what the future would bring when life pretty much all came to a standstill in a way that’s never been seen before. However, through our early strategy shift based on consumers insights and changing behaviour, we have been able to stay one step ahead of the COVID pandemic, focusing on products and services that are relevant and in-demand to consumers.

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