Looking Back Over The Year

How do you feel 2017’s been for HLG?

Looking back, 2017 has been a brilliant year for us. We have grown to a team of over 20 people across the business, which has resulted in us having to open a second office. The growth has continued and there are plans to open a third office in the new year!

There are a number of things which have gone well for us this year, the obvious instances being the company growth and becoming more established, but also the individual growth of our team members – some members of the team have been promoted into more senior positions  and our marketing team, who initially had very little experience, have worked incredibly hard to come up with new ideas to align with our budget.


What have you learned this year?

On a personal note, 2017 has been a massive learning curve for me. The recruitment side has been one of my biggest learnings – I always used to look for potential staff members with experience in sales/B2C telemarketing, and whilst there are some pros to this, the negatives can outweigh those positives. We now have a healthy balance across both offices, consisting of agents who have the experience are those who have been with me from the beginning and have developed in “our way”; the approach I want my team to pitch/sell. I have developed a clearer understanding of the phrase “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks”, and we now have people who are hungry and willing to learn, which is far more productive.

I have also learned that it’s important never to stand still; to always look for the next opportunity and when you find it, grow it and expand it. You never know when a client may want to leave or take a break from using your services – which, of course, is a client’s benefit to outsourcing. This year, one of the first clients we worked with decided to take a break from using us to explore different avenues. Naturally, this was a setback for both me personally and the business, but soon enough, other opportunities came our way and having this happen will prove to be a positive for our long-term development.


What do you think are your key successes?

B2C telemarketing is notorious for having a high turnover of staff, this is something which I’m pleased to say doesn’t apply to us. We have a strong core to our team and the loyalty and desire they have shown to be better themselves each day has been fantastic to witness.

Having long-term relationships with a number of clients across different sectors has allowed us to build and expand but also develop a deeper understanding of the industries we are working in. By proving concept on a regular basis across these sectors, we can now approach companies with confidence.

We have also switched to a new dialer, which has massively increased productivity per head – this has been a game changer for us! We are now in a position to turn down campaigns which would be unlikely to benefit from telemarketing and focus on projects that we have confidence in achieving ROI for our clients


What do you want to achieve next year?

Our main goal next year is to grow the team further. We want to have the third office and increase the number of agents on our existing campaigns. We also want to find new clients to replicate the success we have achieved for our existing clients this year.




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