January – Start of year three!

Traditionally, January has been a very fruitful month for Home Lead Gen in terms of sales and new clients. Another pleasing aspect for me, is the constant improvement on our records for retaining clients, this has really allowed us to kick on and build on what we started towards the end of 2015, when the company first started.

The team is delighted to be participating in a ‘Tough Mudder’ event in May, which includes 10 obstacles ranging from jumping into skips full of ice cubes to potential electrocution – so I’m told! All of the staff will be taking part and raising money for a good cause!  We have decided to represent a local charity in Exeter supporting children with Leukemia.

Every year since the birth of Home Lead Gen, we book a summer trip to Ibiza. This year, there will be over 20 of us traveling in July, greatly exceeding the 3 members that embarked on our first year. This will be an interesting test for team morale!

The events that we organise have played a major part in our fantastic staff retention levels. The bulk of the team has been with me for the last 12-18 months, which is rare in the B2C telemarketing world!

We have started working with new clients who require leads through traditional B2C telemarketing in a variety of different sectors, including Will Writing, Property/Landlord Services, Energy Procurement, ATP Boilers, Renewable Energy and Financial Services Claims Management.  

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The idea behind our concept is to build long-term relationships with our clients and work as an extension to their own business, eliminating the need for their own in-house lead generation setup and all the pains it can bring, such as sickness, training and recruitment. We do this by working on a fixed day rate, the same principle as an internal setup – Obviously, you pay a premium because we are outsourced and UK based. As with all of our clients, we make it clear that figures can never be guaranteed, as would be the case if they have their own in-house B2C telemarketing team.

The majority of business owners that I speak with tend to have one of the other of the following requirements:


  1.     They understand that their business requires B2C telemarketing to keep up with their competitors and drive new business, but they do not want to have a team of B2C telemarketers in their office as culturally they would not fit. For example, they may have a team of staff who are focused on admin, so having 2-20 telemarketers walking up and down the office as they pitch simply wouldn’t work.
  1.     They have an existing team internally, but are either looking to streamline their business and would rather outsource than have people on their books, or they want to compare with their existing team to establish where they should be in terms of sales/performance. To do this, they can use our service with minimal commitment (21 days) and compare the results.

We do not require any long commitment. The idea behind working over a 21 day period to begin with is to provide clients with a realistic insight into what we do, and if they can see us becoming an ongoing extension of their business. For our model to work, we have to retain a high percentage of our clients, otherwise, I am simply replacing lost business and making no progress as a company. However, not every campaign produces the results that we would hope or anticipated – We are always open about this, and some clients only require our services for campaign work. Nevertheless, the majority of our campaigns evolve into rolling month-to-month arrangements.

With the success we’ve had January and all the events the lined up, I am extremely excited for this year!

Harry Booz

Managing Director


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