Our First Year as a seperate B2C brand


We are approaching the anniversary of our first year as a separate B2C Telemarketing brand, and since branching out from our sister B2B business The Lead Lab, I’m really happy with how the business has progressed. On both a personal note and as a business, we have not always got things right – but show me one that has! However, we have collectively learnt from the mistakes which we have made to build a strong foundation heading into year two.

Having come from a predominantly B2C background, I was keen to prove that the vision I had for a B2C Telemarketing Company to work on a fixed day rate could work, and not only compete with the companies who offer Pay-per-Lead, but beat them on the line that matters – the bottom line! Providing a return on Investment for the client with a higher conversion rate from lead to sale alongside the positive feedback I have received has highlighted that this model works. As I mentioned – not every campaign has been successful – but for me, this still provides an education for the client that comes with less risk than recruiting staff for an in-house set-up, not forgetting office costs, phone lines etc.

My education on this structure originates from the time I spent working as a telemarketer for The Lead Lab, and I truly believe that approaching someone within their own home should be met with the same respect when approaching a high level MD. It can take time to build trust and to get an appointment in the diary, so surely it’s better to build a pipeline of sales opportunities which have a higher chance of sitting and converting than a quick fire prospect that won’t be home to even answer the door?
The relationships we have developed with our clients are the type of relationships we were looking for when we started; those built around longevity and consistency. This tells me that our B2C telemarketing concept, when given the chance – works! These relationships have built the core of our business and a platform to really work on and upscale.

They say the first two years of starting any business are the most challenging, I can now understand why they say that! Whether it be finding suitable staff to represent not only my business, but our clients business, or understanding what kind of campaigns are suited to our telemarketing setup and having the confidence to turn down work if we feel we wouldn’t be able to deliver ROI. Of course, this comes with experience, but we now have a clear understanding of our identity and the type of businesses we are looking to engage with.

I believe that a big part of our success is our price point and our flexibility around commitment. For an outsourced B2C telemarketing company, the cost of our service is highly competitive. We are also very open and deliver visibility with what do – call recordings are available upon request and our calling files are live and accessible to our clients 24 hours a day.

When two businesses join together, it can take time to understand each other’s cultures and how they work, which is why we open up any relationship with a 20 day trial. I feel that a month gives both us and the clients we work with a real opportunity to see if there is longevity to be had with our relationship. I often get asked if we can work on a one or two-day trial – but it’s almost  impossible to prove concept during this amount of time. We are trying to show how we could be an extension of your business, eliminating the need for you to have your own in-house team. This can take time to realise.

We are all looking forward to our staff weekend in Ibiza in a couple of weeks, and then coming back to our busiest period ready to push on.


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