Here’s our top five frequently asked questions answered for you!

You know us at Home Lead Gen, we love telemarketing and think it’s an incredible tool for businesses to utilise. Being the experts we are, we know telemarketing inside out however, we are aware this is not the case for many and so thought it would be a good idea to share and answer our top five frequently asked questions!

Starting with the most common one…. What do we actually do at Home Lead Gen?

Well how much time do you have?! But in a nutshell here at Home Lead Gen we’re an outbound telemarketing company who specialize in business to consumer lead generation, through both face to face appointment setting and hotkey transfers.

What sets us apart from other telemarketing businesses is that we strive to create long term relationships with our clients, we don’t wish to just work for them but work with them, eliminating the need for them to have their own in house lead generation team and all that issues that can cause.

What visibility do I have?

Transparency is something we believe is essential to building and maintaining successful relationships, which is why we provide regular reports to our clients which can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on their preferences. This allows clients to be fully clued up on what we’re getting up to and achieving for them.

We also always like to emphasise on more frequent communication in the start of a relationship with a client, this allows for trust in the process and confidence in us to be built up and ensure they still feel incontrol of the situation.

What is the minimum campaign you would do?

One of the great things about Home Lead Gen is that we don’t believe in long term contracts and instead stick to 25 day rolling contracts. We believe this is a long enough period for clients to see genuine results from us and then give them the choice if they are happy to carry on longer.

Are you based in the UK?

Yep! Our offices are located right in the heart of Exeter, where all our agents are based as we do not outsource any of our work.

Do you guarantee results for my spending?

As with any marketing method, we can’t guarantee results, and any other business who might be promising you they can is lying. However, we are experienced and skilled in what we do and when bringing your business on board can show you our campaign averages relevant to your sector so you can get a good idea of what to expect.

We pride ourselves on our honest communication we have with our customers and so if our clients come to us with a sector we lack in experience in, we’re upfront about this and lay out the options we can offer.  With each client as well, we share how our telemarketing agents are commissioned on client retention, not just individual leads, helping ensure the balance between quality and quantity.

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