Almost Two Decades under His Belt and Still Loving Telesales

We speak to Gavin about why his love affair with telesales is still going strong, 17 years on!

We managed to get Gavin away from the phones for five minutes (we had to literally force him, honestly, we are not even joking!) to quiz him about why he chose telesales as a career. Take a read about how he feels his job has also helped him learn some valuable life skills. 

“When it comes to deciding what career to take, more often than not there will be a number of things on our wishlist we hope will be included to make our working day more enjoyable – flexible hours, decent pay, pleasant management staff, enjoyable colleagues and most of all, an enjoyable working environment,” said Gavin.

After working in sales for more than 17 years, Gavin is still as upbeat and passionate about his role as he was at the beginning, with only positive things to say about working in telesales. “Everyday is different, there is no average day like a lot of other jobs. Yes, admittedly you’re on the phone everyday, but every person you speak to is different, every response you get is different, keeping things varied and interesting.”

Despite the bad rep telesales roles often get, Gavin, like many at Home LeadGen, is a firm believer that if you apply yourself fully to the role and familiarise yourself fully with the businesses you’re representing, it can be a fantastic career choice: “It’s such a rewarding job, not just in regards to the potential financial rewards on offer. For me, there really is no better feeling than converting people from a “no” to a “yes” just through the conversation and dialogue you’re able to craft.”

Unlike other jobs too, the skills Gavin practises daily here at work can be transferred to other aspects of life too. “Whether it is securing the best deal for your home bills or even just having the confidence to instigate a conversation with a total stranger, by learning skills in sales it teaches you how to deal with people and negotiate, skills that you can use in all aspects of life.”

Whilst many industries have suffered due to the effects of COVID, we’ve been fortunate to not only continue operating successfully but also experience our busiest year on record! Meaning we are continuing to recruit and offer jobs to people in our local area. Gavin insists that with his role the company doesn’t just look for qualifications, but a lot of weight is given to the level of interpersonal skills displayed: “As long as you have an outgoing personality, you’re not afraid of instigating and holding conversations and you’re determined, you have the skills to do the job”.

So, if you like the sound of Gavin’s work-life and are on the hunt for a new role, don’t just take our word for it that we might have a fantastic opportunity for you, take Gavin’s! “If you’re after a role with flexible hours, great pay opportunities, fantastic colleagues and something that will really challenge and reward you, there really isn’t anything better”.

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